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Thee Mindgap - Brainquake - Thee Mindgap / Backlash (Cassette)


  1. We believe in a world where people with different experiences, backgrounds and opinions are able to talk together, work together and have fun together. We have started this website as we fear that.
  2. Founded in , Mind the Gap is a community of emergent and established artists. Unifying us under the same "label" makes us stronger. In exchanging ideas, discussing about.
  3. Mind the Gap is the California Film Institute/Mill Valley Film Festival’s gender equity initiative. Our mission is to open doors and provide access, education and opportunities for women filmmakers.
  4. Getting you closer to the life you desire. When it comes to making a lifestyle change, our mindset can hold us back. Filled with doubts and insecurities, it can be difficult to get going then the guilt of not achieving kicks in and we go full circle. At The Mind Gap we take those emotions and run with them, showing you how to invite positive change into your life, and keep it there.
  5. Blog smashing the stigma of mental health one conversation at a time. Smashing the mental health stimga one conversation at a time Mind and The Gap Mind and The Gap Mental Health Blog.
  6. Hello, today I am delighted to have on my show “Joe Atwill” as we discuss Joe’s book Caesar’s Messiah. The book and Documentary have created a big stir in the religious and scholarly fields of Christianity the book re-examines the relationship between the Roman Empire and the founding of Christianity and questions the legitimacy.

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