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  1. Bora Winds – Arctic Blast Bora winds are also downslope winds. Like Chinook winds, they are relatively dry (due to the descending air), but, unlike Chinook winds, Boras are cold. Whereas Chinooks start as warm, moist air over the Pacific, Bora winds originate in very cold, dry inland areas of Canada and the Arctic and remain cool.
  2. The winds continued to be obstinate for rescheduled launch dates this past weekend (June 27 and June 28). On Wednesday, Arianespace seemed to throw up its hands in frustration.
  3. WinDS Pro is a video game emulator for the PC which gives you the ability to play games that were made for retro consoles like Nintendo DS, GameBoy, and GameBoy Advance. Its main features are as follows/10(18).

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