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Microphone (Instrumental) - Kirby Dominant - Microphone (Vinyl)


  1. A few of the other specialties you'll find in this section are dedicated vocal mics, clip-on microphones for brass instruments and dual or paired models ready for stereo recording. Be sure to pay attention to the response pattern, as well; that'll be important in making sure the mic .
  2. May 06,  · The mic also has the C microphone’s XLS gold-plated membrane, and an overload LED Detection Display, which indicates overly high sound pressure levels. AKG D12 VR Way back in , AKG produced its first dynamic microphone, the D12, with a notable low-end emphasis making it appealing on drums, bass guitar and various other instruments.
  3. The sensitive microphone will "clip" when the air hits the sensitive internal membrane. Musician's Friend has every kind of microphone accessory you need including Pop Filters, Microphone Shock-mounts, Microphone Clips, and Microphone Windscreens and Grilles. We offer a variety of accessories including On-Stage Stands Microphone Accessories.

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